Content Moderation Guidelines

In order to maintain a happy and healthy community of pups and parents, we adhere strictly to the following content guidelines.

Relevance and Authenticity

Contributions should be directly related to experiences with dog-friendly businesses and services, focusing on the core aspects of the pet-friendly experience without diverging into unrelated areas like political views or employment practices.

Respectful Content

Maintain a respectful tone, avoiding threats, harassment, and other forms of disrespectful behavior. This includes ensuring that any content shared is appropriate for a diverse audience, free from lewdness, hate speech, or displays of bigotry.

Unbiased Contributions

Encourage unbiased and objective contributions by prohibiting reviews or content about one's own business, businesses of friends or relatives, or any entity where there might be a conflict of interest. Businesses should also refrain from soliciting reviews.

Privacy Protection

Uphold privacy by not sharing identifiable personal information without consent and respecting the choice of individuals not to have their images or details shared without permission.

Commercial Transparency

Clearly identify any sponsored content or promotional material to keep the platform focused on genuine consumer experiences and insights.

Originality in Contributions

Encourage the sharing of original content, whether it be written reviews, photos, or videos. This includes avoiding the use of automated tools for content creation to preserve the authenticity of contributions.

Community Engagement and Integrity

Foster a community spirit by encouraging users to share honest and personal experiences, ensuring that reviews are based on firsthand information and are factually accurate. Discourage practices like threatening to post negative reviews for payment and encourage updating reviews to reflect new experiences genuinely.

By incorporating these adjusted guidelines, Sidewalk Dog aims to create a welcoming, informative, and trustworthy platform for dog owners to share and discover the best dog-friendly locales and services.

Policy Violations

Sidewalk Dog LLC reserves the right to remove any content deemed inappropriate, unfair, harmful, offensive, or in violation of these guidelines. The content policy and procedures may be subject to change at any time as deemed necessary by Sidewalk Dog LLC and its representatives.